JavaScript Help....Stuck and not sure how to proceed?

I’ve moved along the first java script section reasonably well. I found record collections quite difficult, the exercises that followed were tricky but manageable. Now I am on Profile Lookup and have zero idea on what to do. I left it behind and went forward to try some other exercises and I am lost on those as well. My issue is its taking me so long to figure out these small projects and exercises that I am forgetting other stuff I have learned. I’m not sure how to proceed…Has anyone experienced this when they get really stuck for quite awhile? If free code camp doesn’t seem like its giving me adequate explanations should I look for a different curriculum or maybe a tutorial to supplament it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

First of all, I would like to tell you it is perfectly normal to feel this way if it’s your first time learning JS so do not get discouraged. I would also recommend you follow along with a book just to clearly grab the concepts. A good book on Javascript is “Eloquent Javascript”. You can check it out and I recommend you read at least chapters 1 to 4 just to get a general intro to JS before doing these challenges.

Hope this helps you out. Cheers!!


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Cheers on recommending good old-fashioned hard copy. I still think it is one of the best ways to learn, or at least get an introduction to a topic.

@funboy1986 If you get stuck and need help with any of the challenges I would suggest you use the Ask for help button to open a thread with your current code and any questions you have.

Asking for help is better than abandoning your progress.

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