Javascript - How to Create A Working Search Bar

I am currently working on creating a news website which includes a search bar to search for articles. The problem is that my search bar doesn’t work at all and I am not sure what the issue is with my code that is causing this problem to occur. I am wondering how to get a working search bar that searches for the names of articles on my page and displays the searched article to the top of the page and the articles that aren’t found in the results will stay hidden in the page is what I want. Here is the full code for you to run:

Now I have tried a few things like ordered list which doesn’t work with my current CSS layout and it actually hinders my current CSS layout. So I have to use a solution that is compatible with my current code and won’t destroy it. I would be extremely thankful if someone can provide me a solution to this problem because I have asked a lot of people and no one has managed to fix it unfortunately. I really need that help so I can move forward with my project.

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