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I’m web developer who don’t know in what should I use javaScript :smile:
I can use HTML and CSS in a good way because while learning both I can creat things step by step not just learning how they work, but when I started javaScript it was easy to learn and not struggling like C, but the problem was I don’t know what after learning all these things, I learned DOM, web APIs etc but honstly I don’t know how to use all these things in html. I don’t have no ideas however I made profissional websites, forms etc by HTML and CSS because I know what I need to do by each of them, not like javaScript. my problem with javaScript FORCED me to start learning javaScript from other learning websites again and again and again, now I can’t get over this loop :frowning:
If anyone have the same problem after learning javaScript and find any solution for it, please, HELP :“”

Learn React.js, vanilla.JS is not a clean solution when there are lot of states

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Is it the right decision to start learning js frameworks before any use of javascript itself ?
It won’t make me more confuse about this language ?
thank you for your reply!

Hey @bisky0-0,

To begin with - ignore what @NielsDom just said. That’s just going to confuse you even more. Also, what is “vanilla.JS”?

In learning framework first, you’re sort of choosing to run while you’re not even comfortable at walking. Become familiar with JavaScript to the extent where you can build something simple. Start small with projects like calculator, where you would be tasked to create reusable functions. Try to achieve same functionality in functional & object oriented paradigms. Rinse & repeat, because that’s just going to make you more battle tested.

Once you’re comfortable with vanilla JavaScript - start refactoring those projects to any framework of your liking. Try to see how they abstract some of the tedious tasks you were dealing with vanilla JavaScript - that’s the reason they were built in the first place.

And finally - always try to experiment & play around with code. That’s the only way of getting things to click.

Happy building!

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Hello @vebradev,
Thanks for your reply, I see it’s wiser, but I often get confused because there are so many things available to use as there are in Dom interfaces of methods and properties, when I start to build a block of code I don’t know what to use of all these things.
It was a good point from NielsDom to point out “there are a lot of states” ,
If you know a good website which provide real projects for beginners “not problem solving” I will be so gratefull to you to help me start with a good website
thank you so much your reply honstly help me a lot!

Here are some links you can check out.


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thank you so much
this is what I need :pray:t2:

Front-end people don’t use pure javascript anymore for web because it is dirty, mostly are using React.js.
First play a little with arrays and objects, check functions that does not mute the state: .map(), .filter(), .slice(), .concat()

And then go play directly with React.js, pickup a components library like play with some components and have fun building a project.
You will encounter some difficulties, you will learn JS same time as you will learn React.js best practices. Don’t worry, React does not force you to learn many frameworks stuff like Angular or Vue.

This method not fit for everyone, but I found my first job after 7 fun months of hard training. My personal project was an eCommerce website.

IMO the most important is to have fun coding everyday

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