JavaScript in HTML, Function for a WebComic List

Hi Guys, still new on programming.

You see, in HTML/JS, I want to make a WebComic List for Visitors to just open the list and click on a Series.
Here is the Current Code for the JS…

<script language="JavaScript">
  function ver() {
    if (!document.images) return;
    var archivo = document.images.img.src = document.comics.series.options[document.comics.series.selectedIndex].value;
    document.images.img.src = archivo;

And here is the viewer (I want to use tables because it offers a brief description of the series).

<form name="comics" align="center">
   <select name="series" size="1" onChange="ver()">
     <option value="Imagenes/stockade.png">Stockade</option>
     <option value="img/krudo.jpg">Axolotl</option>
     <option value="img/tard.jpg">Rookies</option>
<img src="Imagenes/stockade.png" name="img" width="300" border="10">

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Well, what I want is to make something like this…

But with a Table containing text and an image… and if possible, a link to another part of the site (Not yet Made).