Javascript is it really this stupid

so i just started javascript…
anyone else think its so stupid all that typing for one sentence im still learning it but it just html mor complacted for same output ok not for clicking buttons but html u can send it somewhere i just hope i get it soon this is just so confussing lol and it does math ,lol
you can write it 3 ways to get same output…smh hope it gets easyer

wait a bit and you will start learning stuff that seems more different. You will still think it doesn’t do anything special.
Once you hit functions, check the documentation about DOM manipulation.
HTML and CSS make the page, yes. But you can’t make an interactive page. JavaScript add the interaction. The math.
Facebook, this forum, twitter… Interactive web pages that do something depending on user input. How? JavaScript. Well, a JavaScript framework, most likely. You can’t do something like this with just HTML and CSS.

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javascript is what makes anything function in the browser. if you cant something to happen when something else happens then you have to use Js.

html/css doesnt do anything other than print text and colors.

just like in spoken languages like english, spanish, etc there are many ways to say something that convays the same meaning. as a beginner its important to learn the most basic ways to convay your intentions to the computer. as your vocabulary improves you learn how to convey more meaning with less words

to be fair jS is notoriously loved and hated by many for good reasons. but as long as were working in the browser were stuck with it. there are a few other languages like ruby, python, go, etc that are purposefully made to be easier to read and understand

anyways, starting out sucks for most people but if you stick with it, it will eventually click. trust me


thank u
its clicking just so much code lol but you right stuck with it lol
just hate how so much for so lil out come lol

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how2 - search stackoverflow from the terminal

thank me later