Javascript is on, but the output box still unchanged

Hi, I just started the javascript lesson the past couple of days.
I’ve made sure that javascript is on and any extension I have doesn’t prohibit javascript on freecodecamp website.
However, the output box always shows (except for the rare first 2-3 times I did the lesson):

  • Your test output will go here

unless I made a mistake, then then output would display error messages.

Is that the way it is? Or should the output box display the end result of the code/s?

You will need to post the name of the challenge you are working on and the actual code you have tried to write for it or we will have no way of helping you. It is always better to click the Ask for Help button which will populate a new forum topic with all the information we need.

It’s almost all the challenges I’ve gone through except for maybe 2-3 of the first challenges.

What happens when you click Run the Tests for the first challenge you show above? Do you pass the tests?

Same questions for the other challenge you show above?

Oh yes, I’ve passed over 25% of the challenges so far. But I just think that it’ll be helpful if I could see the test output displayed. It only changes when I make mistake/s.

The only time you will see output is if you have a syntax error or you put a console.log() statement in your code. For example, in the second challenge you show above, if you added the following line of code below the other lines, you would see something displayed there.


Ahhh… I see! Well, this is my first time learning about all this. Thank you for your responses!

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