javaScript is really tough How to simplify it?Suggestions!

i have started basic javascript part after html and css and i find it quite difficult.Is there anyone who can guide some other sources than free code camp?

Hi @mahnoo.khan18,

Try Scrimba and Udemy free courses. The reason why I am not suggesting one specific course is because you need to find one that you can follow and I personally cannot follow all instructors.

I did FCC Basic JavaScript followed by couple of Udemy short courses followed by FCC again. I understood it little better the second time around but still got stuck. So went through Scrimba basic course and now I am on my third round of basic JavaScript here on FCC.

It is difficult, but if you really want to learn it, you will get there at the end :slight_smile:


A lot of it also comes from practise. JavaScript has a lot of concepts to learn and they all get thrown at you at once because they’re all connected - it’s not until you really start practising and USING the concepts that you’ll find your learning solidifies. :slight_smile:


help need to add the operator what iam doing wrong?


You are trying to use two = assignment operators in the same line - that is throwing the syntax error.

how to fix it…

You cannot do a = a *= 5, for example.
You can do a *= 5, which takes the current value of a and multiplies it by 5.

and this one?

Again, a syntax error. Take a look at the challenge instructions - they should explain how to use the operators you are being asked to use. :slight_smile:

what with this assignment operator what should i se instead of =?

The challenge wants you to use the increment operator ++. You don’t need an assignment operator for this. :slight_smile:

That is valid syntax, although it doesn’t make much sense.

let a = 10;
a = a *= 10;
console.log(a); // 100

This is however not valid syntax as you can not assign to a primitive value.

b = 3 *= b;
// SyntaxError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment
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Thank you.