JavaScript language book

Can someone please refer a good book on JavaScript that covers ES 7 & ES 8

You mean ES2017 & 2018? It’s only 2018 now, writing and publishing books takes time. But they’re not big updates, each year just add a very small number of things. This and this are closest you’ll get I think, but they’re just really reference. There will also be updates to versions of existing books.

So can you give me the name of books that which I should or can refer in the future??

I don’t know — if you mean a book that might be updated at some point in the future, it’s impossible for me to know that.

No no I didn’t mean that. I was just asking for a book to get broad knowledge about JS not version specific.

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You can look here there’s early access to books that are currently under development. You pay now and as the Author delivers content you get early access.
MEAP - Manning Early Access Program I was thinking of getting the VUE.js testing book, in MEAP format.

These are the ones Stanford uses for its Web Applications course: