Javascript learn redirect no longer works?

On the Github codebase, it appears that the es6 to Javascript redirects are no longer working.

I’m not sure where the redirect is meant to be implemented at to be honest. I wanna work on this issue and combine it with another PR I’m working on (the one where the redirect test itself is updated to Typescript)

Additional advice would be very helpful here.

Hmm, my local copy is completely up to date and I am able to access challenges in es6. Anytime things are working the way they should I usually start off with npm run clean-and-develop.

I don’t think I explained myself properly.

When you type:

into the browser it redirects you to

Yet on my local copy no proper redirect occurs and it takes you to that 404 page. I will happily give the clean and develop a try however.

Ah, ya, my bad, I didn’t read carefully. Sorry about that.

Would you mind linking to the issue?

Many of our redirects are configured in NGINX, which you probably do not have running locally.

Here you go. And you’re right I don’t have NGINX running locally.

Those redirects are handled in GitHub - freeCodeCamp/client-config: > deployment config for client

To be honest, I have no idea how Cypress is supposed to pull in that config. You can see what happens in CI:

Also, you can see the Cypress tests (bar one unrelated) are passing on your PR. So, the issue seems more with your local config when you run the tests.

Since you are using Gatsby pages, could we perhaps leverage something like this so local clients have a chance at performing redirects using the redirects.json? Or some other recipe listed in here.

I cannot remember the specific reason we did not want to go with client-side redirects, but we did specifically rule them out.

Possibly it was due to our i18n config.

Would it be worthwhile for me to try to figure out how to add redirects for those particular set of routes and would there be some sort of error detection in the event things inadvertently go sideways?

No, I am not sure what more you would do. We already have redirects for those routes, and have CI to test (detect) when they do not work.

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