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I’m at the beginning stages of Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures. I want to work towards to be able to build quiz websites or web apps, blog websites and websites to do with football or history as an example.

I’m thinking I need to get a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, Node and mongodb.

I’ve done a lot of looking online but so many things are mentioned that as someone who is new to this has left me a bit confused.

For now just following free code camp learning path is helping.

Anyone got a simple learning path to get going on?

Sorry I know not a straight forward question.


Just follow the JS course along and do all of the exercises and projects. Then do the Front End certification, there you’ll learn the tools you need to do what you want. You can tackle the backend after that in the API and Microservices certificate.

There’s also a lot of resources here in fcc and in the internet about the very basics and tech stacks, you might want to research that.

For now my advice would be that you learn the basics, that is, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Hi @darkdefender31 !

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. :grinning:
Remember, tools like React, Redux and node are all still javascript at the end of the day.

Just focus on learning the fundamentals first.

In beginning, you can build all of those things with just html, css and vanilla javascript.
No frameworks or backend needed.

Once you have learned the fundamentals and built some projects, then you can mess around with frameworks and or build full stack apps.

But for now, take the time to go through the javascript course. :grinning:

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just stay motivated, follow the FCC courses in their natural order, look up in google(handful of source you will become familiar with) on matters, which were less covered in the courses and put aside those you could not understand to reconsider in future(when you need them). Not everything you are being present you can learn right away or need right away, so leave complicated concepts for when you actually encoutner them. Some things wont make much sense initially, but once you have a wider picture, they fit in and can be made sense of.
All the things you listed, HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, Node, mongoDB and more are part of the courses and appear in a good order, so brace yourself :wink:

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Thanks everyone for the advice.


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