JavaScript Learning with HTML

How much HTML do I need to learn to go into JavaScript Programming?I have started JavaScript but most of the learning tutorials and other learning resources of JavaScript are following code inside html…very small amount of learning resources of JS are following “console.log” thing.

It’s better to learn HTML and CSS first before start learning JS. HTML won’t take much time (maximum a day) but CSS takes lots of time (a month or even more if you dive deeper) if you want to master. But i suggest you to complete the challenges for HTML and CSS provided by this site which covers most of the CSS part and then start JS. Don’t spend much time on CSS because it is a vast subject just try to learn the concept from each challenge, implement them and move on. Even when you work on JS (after completing HTML and CSS hopefully), you can revise most of the concepts again. If you are into Backend development and sure that you don’t want to be full stack developer then learning a programming language will do but at some point you have to learn these basics so why not start now. Let me know if you are still not convinced.

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