Javascript Lost Progress (after a while)

I first started seriously FCC way back doing a bit JS certificate but I found a job thus I was obligated to stop because I didn’t have time for it …

I have entered the forum /site after a long time (covid to blame :slight_smile: ) and I’ve just seen that I have lost ALL of my progress to the new Freecodecamp developed …

I had made a lot of the Responsive Web Design Certification (not all)
and regrading JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification I was down to the last topics (last thing I remember was playing with json files??) and I think I was near the end i.e. Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

Anyways, how may I see/find my lost track :slight_smile:

P.S. i have also contributed with small translations etc if that helps in any way (i can find the emails)

My github profile:

(I have not connected my account from the option : Associated Accounts should I have done it/do it now? )

Are you sure you signed in with the same email address? It’s easy to make a duplicate account by accident.

Depending upon how far “way back” is, you could have also been on the old curriculum which no longer exists.

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Yes you are correct it was made via an old email account.
How may I link this old email account with github account so as not to be confused in the near future?

Do you still have access to the email account? You can link once you log in.

If you need to merge two FCC accounts, then you’ll need to email support.

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Υes I have the account and I have successfully logged in.

Ok no merging it is a lot of fuss

thank you for the help :slight_smile: