JavaScript modules in FCC

Does freecodecamp’s javascript modules cover everything you ever need to learn in javascript?

It teaches you a very good start onto the basic’s.
Would reccomend you to use a different source as well thou :slight_smile: since they might explain it in another way that might helps you understand a certain concept.
Everything ever would be close to impossible since learning everything about, JS ever would take over 10 years to lear and not necceary either.

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No. That would be impossible. Not only is there more that you could possibly need to to learn than a single curriculum could cover, but JavaScript and its usage continues to evolve.


understood and thank you

then a few js concepts would be enough to create an app or whatever?

Sure. One of the nice things about the FCC curriculum is that it has coding projects along the way that help you build up your skills at making things.

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I guess it depends on your definition of “just a few”, but I wouldn’t say that. freeCodeCamp doesn’t teach everything you will ever need to know about JavaScript, but it doesn’t teach just a few concepts either. It’s a couple thousand of hours of material.

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