JavaScript: Mutations

What’s happening: I think my code is correct. I tested the function in the console and I can see the expected output.

I found this typo in the expected results (no closing parenthesis):
Might this be causing the error?

My code so far

function mutation(arr) {

let first = arr[0].toLowerCase();

for (letter in arr[1]) { //Iterate through the letters in the second string.
  if (first.indexOf(arr[1][letter].toLowerCase()) === -1) {
    return false; //For every letter, if it's not contained in the first string, return false.
return true; //Else, return true.

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Challenge: Mutations

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remember you need to declare all variables.

where is letter declared?

I was going to delete the post, I saw it in the console just now…


…I come from python and still have to get used to declaring variables :sweat_smile:.

Thank you so much for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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