Javascript on VSCode

What are the best Live Complier extensions for JavaScript on VSCode.
I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called; I mean an extension that’ll allow me see bugs and outputs of my code as I type. I’ve tried Quokka, But the Non-Pro version is basically useless. Any suggestions would be great.

Not that I know off… Quokka is the best one I’ve seen. I’ve used them before. But VSCode has it’s own really powerful debugger that you can take advantage off. Or you can just run your code in NodeJs or in the Browser itself.

Just run the code with like live-server and then catch errors in the console. Or if nodejs then run the code with nodemon and you can catch errors in console. As being a developer, being able to handle and catch errors is a very important key task.

Alright, I’d try to learn how to do these. Thanks a lot for the suggestions