JavaScript Override inherited methods

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There’s error “cannot read property prototype undefined”
Plz explain what I’m doing wrong

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function Bird() { } = function() { return "I am flying!"; };

function Penguin() { }
Penguin.prototype = Object.create(Bird.prototype);
Penguin.prototype.constructor = Penguin;

// Only change code below this line = function() { return "Alas, this is a flightless bird."; };

// Only change code above this line

let penguin = new Penguin();

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Challenge: Override Inherited Methods

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It’s because you have put penguin without a capital but the object has a capital P

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Hey thanks for answering!
I have another question .
Did you use to make mistakes like this when you were learning?

Hi there,

Yes all the time.
I still do, it is very common.
It sometimes takes me hours looking through my code that isn’t working just because of one spelling mistake :smiley:

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I’ve been doing this professionally for almost a decade and I still make those mistakes. I’ve just gotten better at finding them (mostly because I’ve made them so many times).

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