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Hello fellows Campers :wave:,

I am currently doing the Palindrome Checker exercise. I wrote the code below, and it passes most of the check tests. But there are 3 of them that don’t return the good result. I can’t really know how and why, I’ve been searching for a solution but I can’t figure it out. Maybe one of you could tell me what is the problem ?

Thank you for your help ! :smile:

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function palindrome(str) {
const nonAlpha = /^[^a-zA-Z0-9]+$/;
str.replace(nonAlpha, "");

const lowerCaseString = str.toLowerCase();

let strMaxIndex = str.length - 1;
let startIndex = 0;
while (startIndex !== strMaxIndex) {
  if (lowerCaseString[startIndex] === lowerCaseString[strMaxIndex]) {
    startIndex += 1;
    strMaxIndex -= 1;
    return true // console.log(str + " is a palindrome !");
  } else if (lowerCaseString.length <= 2) {
   return false // console.log(str + " can't be a palindrome");
  } else {
   return false // console.log(str + " is not a palindrome :(");

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User Agent is: Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Challenge: Palindrome Checker

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return statement will stop the loop, infact stop the function call and control will return where the function was called

The code doesn’t return the correct answer for str = “_eye”, “almostomla”, and “My age is 0, 0 si ega ym.”

Hello! I’m currently dealing with this challenge too. About _ symbol. Im pretty sure i saw yesterday somewhere that this symbol is considered alphanumeric byJS. I’ll try to find actual link if you need one. My theory is that is the reason for issue with ‘_eye’
Update. I just tested your regexp:

let str1 = "_eye";
const nonAlpha = /^[^a-zA-Z0-9]+$/;
result = str1.replace(nonAlpha, "");

How many iterations does your loop do?

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