Javascript passenger counter problem

Hello, can someone take a look at my code, I am trying to create a passenger counter app, but seem to be struggling with the javascript portion of this project. Once the increment button is pressed the number will increases and appears in the browser aBove the save and increment buttons. If the save button is pressed the number should appear next to the portion in the browser called previous entries. I can’t seem to figure out why the code is not showing up on the browser. Below is a picture of what the browser is supposed to look like.

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 9.07.45 PM

here is a link to my code

I m pretty new to JS but instead of innerText, use InnerHTML because you are inserting between HTML so need to HTML. If anyone else can expand on that it would benefit me too.

saveEl.innerHTML += countStr


I knew this was familiar, the counter is from Scrimba , isn’t it?

mahassan already pointed you to where the bug is, it’s just one word!
Search for alternatives to “innerText”, they will both be the solution.

Compare the two (case matters).

countEl.innerText = count
saveEl.innertext += countStr

yes, you are right it is from Scrimba, then it gets confusing when my code doesn’t work though I follow the guys steps…

Ignore the first reply, but thank you so much, it worked :slight_smile:

You are indeed right, this project is from Scrimba, it just gets a little confusing when the code used in their tutorials doesn’t work.

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