JavaScript Question

So I am new to all of this coding stuff. I just completed my first certification on Web Design. I just started the Javascript certification. I got through all 113 steps and could not be more lost and uninterested. Does it make sense to skip over this and move on to the front end certification or are these all related and you need to compete one before starting another? I hope that is a clear question.

If you want to complete the front end certification then you need to know JS. Each of the five final projects you build to get the FE cert requires JS. Yes, the JS stuff may be a bit boring since you are learning the language itself instead of using it to build cool web apps. But without a basic understanding of JS you will most likely struggle on the FE projects.

If you want to skip the rest of the JS curriculum and dive right into the FE projects there is technically nothing stopping you. You can get the FE cert without getting the JS cert. But if you run into problems because you lack a basic understanding of JS then you will find yourself having to go back and learn JS anyway.

JavaScript is the bulk of front end development, so you’ll need to learn it. If you don’t like the freeCodeCamp lessons in particular, you can look for other learning platforms that you might like better.

I was told that Javascript is not a piece of cake. it is a very complex programming language compared to C and Python, but if you learn Java, the other languages will be simpler because they have less syntax and are more concise. In many of the companies they hire, they write in the details that they want people who know Front-end and Java. They put them together because one is a consequence of the other. without Java, you cannot do front-end. HTML and CSS are not programming languages.

Java and JavaScript are different languages.

Leaning any language will make learning more languages easier.

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