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I hope the Javascript section gets better cause I dont feel like Im learning a damn thing atm…

Javascript is hard. You need to learn some fundamentals before you can do anything meaningful with Javascript (or any full fledged programming language).

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Whenever you need help, ask on the forum, there is many people happy to help you

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Well hopefully thats what the basic JS section is teaching me. cause going through it, there are def moments where I feel like it is not basic and that there are lessons or concepts ive missed. are these lessons designed for me to research solutions that have not been taught?

I am a math savant with a huge IQ and a capacity for learning and understanding difficult concepts better than pretty much everyone Ive personally met. Having said that, there are several different teaching and learning techniques. I am not compatible with all of them. As Im going through the “basic” JS challenges, it is apparent to me that I have either missed some lessons and concepts, or this is far from basic. Or maybe Im just not compatible with the teaching technique. Far too many times Ive had to guess or find the correct solution. After which, I still have no idea why that solution is correct. I cant be convinced that I am going through challenges that have covered lessons that I have been taught. Did I accidentally skip the real basic lessons and challenges?

If you started the js certification from the top you didn’t skip the basics

I also have a pretty good instinctual grasp of maths and algorithms… coding is not easy anyway, it is a new field that you have not explored before.

If you need, ask for help. The forum is here.

Things that helped me:

Here, I will expose myself - the questions I had to ask

And I had others when I was at the basics, but I wasn’t a complete beginner when starting freeCodeCamp (I did Khan Academy before, and I think SoloLearn) so those aren’t here.

Ask for help, find your questions, ask your questions, don’t keep your doubts and uncertainties, ask your questions and people will help you out.

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No. The are many ways to accomplish the more complex problems, but they cn always be solved with syntax you’ve seen in the challenge text.

I have a math PhD. Coding is still inherently hard. Being a literal genius would not change the fact that coding is hard.

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