JavaScript.. seesh. HTML and CSS were cake walks

I just completed the 111 topics within the Javascript section, and I questioned whether I wanted to continue learning this information. Haha, funny right? Anyway, I still want to become a full-stack developer. I just found myself lost with some of the topics within that JavaScript section.

Everybody is lost the first time completing the 111 topics, especially if you just blow through it. This stuff takes a long time to really sink in. Watch some of the awesome FCC JavaScript YouTube videos. Beau has a a pretty good one here that takes you through the 111 topics and explains each a long the way.

The JavaScript section is by far the most important and probably the most difficult certificate to complete, so keep it up!

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That section took my all - all the way to the front-end libraries which I’m just now finishing. I feel that I’ve learned a lot. And yet from time to time I still feel the need to refer to my notes.