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I am Struggling to learn java can anyone please help me with the right course or tips to learn faster

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about 'fast. I would think in terms of ‘deeply’. You want to understand programming deeply, and then you will be able to write code quickly.

The only way to understand programming deeply is to practice. There is no magic solution to take a shortcut and learn code ‘fast’.

You said you’re learning Java. How have you been practicing and what sorts of projects have you tried to make?

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I just want to clarify that you mean JavaScript not Java because those are different.

If you are looking for extra resources outside of the FCC curriculum here are some suggestions. But these resources won’t make thing learn faster. If this is your first programming language then it is normal for things to take a while before they start to make sense.


Thanks For Replying on my Topic Actually I have an Issue,

For Example I watch a Tutorial to make something In Javascript But I am forgeting the Code When I start making it my self do you have any solution for this?

Thanks For your Guidence I will Try This!

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It is called tutorial hell.

We have all been there. But that is not how you learn to build things on your own.

The only way to build things on your own is to build them away from a tutorial and research and ask questions. It takes longer to build that way but you will learn a lot more.

Thanks For Your Guide!