Javascript Study Group

Hi with the new fcc curicculum i am looking for people to create a small group for tacking the data structures and algorithm certification and to improve their vanilla javascript skills.

Also looking for moderators ! Who can help manage the server or contribute ideas

This is for people who are interested in the mean stack route. Or are programming heavily in javascript.

The group goal is to motivate each other on doing challenges whether if its fcc challenges or js projects and to have a end goal of having stronger javascript skills.

This is done by having our own mini curicculum where everyone can follow.

For now the plan is

fcc data structures and algorithm challenges.

30 days of js by wesbros.

And more in future

The group will be on discord

Do join the link here

But please comment in fb so i know who u are ty =)


Members should already know their basic concepts. (Loops,func,arrays).

Basic html/css for js projects

Ensure ur able to commit

Yes sure, I would love to make a group where people can join in for the similar cause xP