Javascript syntax error on shared hosting

hi everyone,

i am looking for a solution to fix a syntax error in my javascript file on live server. following is the error,
app.js:10211 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[name=quantity]
at Function.Sizzle.error (app.js:10211)
at Sizzle.tokenize (app.js:10867)
at (app.js:11294)
at Function.Sizzle [as find] (app.js:9513)
at jQuery.fn.init.find (app.js:11547)
at new jQuery.fn.init (app.js:11657)
at jQuery (app.js:8803)
at HTMLDocument. (stockoutflows.js:138)
at mightThrow (app.js:12208)
at process (app.js:12276)

I have renamed the selector from input[name=quantity] to input[name=quantity] and it works perfectly on my localhost server but on shared hosting it is still showing the same error. this is a laravel app.
please help