Javascript Tutorials along with FCC material 2019. pls help

Hello Campers! I need advice from you all.
I have started Javascript portion on FCC. when I was doing HTML+CSS part, I did colt’s web development bootcamp course on udemy along with . I found following both extremely helpful and helped me understanding the material better. I want to follow similar path. Can you guys suggest me some great1-2 Javascript tutorials which I can follow with FCC material? I checked on udemy and found there are way too many courses and that confused me.

What I found from another thread is
Andrew Mead> Schmedtmann> Maximillian

one course which i have heard too much about is understanding weird part by Tony Alicea.
Any ideas?

Wes Bos has some good ones.

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Any course on udemy or other online platform which is good for basic to medium level?