JavaScript1/Week2/ anyone help me with this homework I can not start it or no idea where to start thanks in advance


We have no idea what this is, we can’t see your screen and the file you’re looking at. You need to explain what the problem is, what you’ve tried and what you want help with.

Hej DanCouper:)
Thank You Very Much For Your Response, I Really Appriciated. I am Studing computer Programming at an Institution called Hack Your Future, I just Started a month ago. sorry that I did not post what I need in a Good way, i have a Homework for next monday, I will post it now, and it is difficult for me to start. i have tried some but it did not work. I will put it here also. what I need is, if someone have an idea how can i start my homework and i can not also clone it in gitbash what i have done!!
here is the homework:
and here is what I have tried: var person1 = {
firstName: “Dejene”,
lastName: “Daba”


function getFullName (firstName,lastName)
return firstName + " " + lastName;

Thanks again