Javascripts inside PHP include files

I am working with bootstrap 4.4.1. I am using their CDN links like below:

<--! html contents, texts, images, etc. --> <script src="https://code.jquery...///</script> <script src=" <script src="https://stackpath.bootstrap...///</script>--> </body> </html> -------------- Of course they are incomplete links but is just a reference. Instead of copying all those CDN links on every page, I pasted them on a PHP file which I named "js-remote.php".

In order to avoid a lot of code, I want to include (php include) this files in every page of my site and I used the following code:
<php include '…/js/js-remote.php>
The path is correct due to the directory organization.
But doesn’t work, the functionalities of jquery don’t work.

Is it possible to apply this php include files with javascripts and cdn links? Why they don’t work? Orientations, please.

Can you provide the code for the PHP page you are trying to include the js-remote-php?

[quote=“limakid, post:1, topic:350361”]
<php include ‘js/js-remote.php’>
[/quote] It appears as your jumping one up from the root directory. actually your using 3 dots in your include directory structure " …/js/js-remote.php " I’m sure your not meaning to leave the root dir, then it would be " js/js-remote.php ".