Jekyll on Windows

_This is a draft - it might help people who run Windows and save them a couple of hours screaming incoherent commands._Again, feel free to edit !

Jekyll is an amazing thing based on Ruby that makes creating static pages (website or blog) incredibly easy. You can write all your content in Markdown. For those who don’t know…every post you write on these forums is in Markown. You use ** around words to make them bold, you use _around words to make them italic, etc. As you can see, your original text is absolutely readable and translates perfectly to users.


The first documentation to install Jekyll on Windows is this, using Chocolatey.

If it doesn’t work, here’s a more complete Jekyll installation guide for Windows.

You are likely to get a SSL error. If you follow the next steps in the guide and it still doesn’t work, (so with the SSL_CERT_FILE) here’s another way (which worked for me).


I’ve had a look a bunch of tutorials already. The best so far (for real beginners…) is here.


did you use any Jekyll theme? if so , which one ?

I haven’t used anything but the built-in one and tweaked it a bit.

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