Jerry McFarland Tribute Page

First time coding, used the template as a guide after starting at the beginning of the curriculum.
Can’t post the link?

To post your link just leave off the protocol and add a space instead of the period, such as;
codepen io/ userid/ pen/

Ok, thanks. I see now that the codepen link is up at the top.

I can see it now that you’ve mentioned it.

Couple of things;

  • look into initializing the body in CSS. If you notice the H1 and H2 elements are not as wide as the image that follows it. So there’s a thin white margin on the left side.
  • codepen provided you with a way to validate your HTML and CSS. Click on the arrow in the upper right in each section and then click on ‘Analyze HTML’ and ‘Analyze CSS’ respectively. You have some things in the HTML section that you should clean up.
  • This is just a nit and you don’t have do anything really but wow, that’s some big font.
  • For accessibility, the link to the website would be better if what one clicked on was;
    learn more about Jerry and the MacFarland family legacy

Overall, very nice.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely have a lot to learn, in terms of how to style things to look good whether they are looked at on a mobile device or desktop. When I get a chance I plan to address the front size and other things but for now I feel good that I actually made something even though I relied heavily on the forked pen as a guide.

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It is hard to style. I used the forked pens as guides too and if you look at others, they did the same so there’s no shame in that.
The one thing to keep in mind is ‘responsive’ since that’s the title of this section. So it should display well on all device sizes and that can sometimes be a challenge.

Like I said, overall you have a nice design and a good page.