Jim Dine - Tribute


Here’s my tribute page to Jim Dine, one of my favorite artist (also a graduate of my university).
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated especially about how I could improve the code. Thanks for any input.


Hello. You provided a link to debug mode which gives me a 403 error.

This works better:

I looked at your page on 1920px wide screen and, in my opinion, the font size of quotes is too small (not comfortable for reading) for this resolution. Though it is ok for the smaller screens.
Also there are minor issues in the bottom of the page. fcreator div doesn’t stick to the bottom of the page correctly and white space appears between .fcreator div and upper one when window width is about 1550


Thanks for the info. Hopefully I was able to fix the bugs you discovered. I’m still not sure why my DIV under my Gallery DIV jumps up and displays in the self portrait section. I went around it by placing the footer and link in the Quotes DIV. Not perfect but for now it works. Any suggestions would be great.

Here’s a better link (I hope this works): https://codepen.io/wmarsh740/full/xJXyzB/