Jnmorse - Tribute Page Feedback

So I’ve been trying to find time to get back into coding and some of the curricula has changed here in the meantime. It has been difficult to find the time between work and having a very needy dog that doesn’t want to let me work, but I started to work my way down the list again.

Anyways my Tibute Page is here on GitHub pages. And the code is on GitHub: jnmorse/fcc-tribute-page.

I really didn’t need to do this with React but before I could even think I was firing up create-react-app. Any feedback is appreciated.

Looks pretty good! Few suggestions.

  • There is a side scroll bar. Probably one of your elements has a fixed width greater than viewport width.
  • I would make descriptive text under your title smaller.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I lowered the font size on the subtitle and found the header since i had it set to 100vw was causing the scroll bars you where talking about.

100vw would just take up the visable space I would think, but apparently doesn’t account for the vertical scroll bar area or something like that.