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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changing my job and today might have convinced me.
It’s always been small comments about my appearance or inappropriate jokes but I tried to shake them off.
Today, my boss and another team mate complained that I worked too much during the sprint - doing twice the work that was assigned to me. I did not do this on purpose. I just work at my normal peace which happens to be faster than everyone in the team. I have been asked to do less and help others. And offer to help. Over and over.
Thing is, I have been helping my teammates at the same time. I always send messages offering my help and I speak this up during standups but it doesn’t seem that people (always) need help. And I also believe that people are mature enough to seek help when they need it.
I am just uncertain what am I doing wrong. I am not trying to prove anything by working fast. Also, my work is not sloppy and does not come back as low quality. I do not enjoy dragging a task just because I am expected to finish it in 2 days instead of a few hours.

Thank you in advance.

You’re never going to make everyone happy all the time. Sometimes people will just find a reason to dislike you.
Learn to not care about their opinion. If you really can’t deal with it (understandably)
Look for a new job on the side, when you find one leave your current one. If they have a problem with you working too fast, you can work fast somewhere else.

I guess you’re right. Didn’t really think I was trying to please them but I guess I am.
Thanks for the reality check :slight_smile:

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