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This is Aswini here and I am currently learning front-end development course from a software institute from Bangalore. I am a science graduate and shifted to learn programming to get a job. I am a fresher and graduated last year. Will I be able to get a job without experience as a junior web developer? Can anyone please help me with this confusion?

You could have continued in the same thread itself.

Anyways before applying for job, build as many good quality projects built in github on your own ( without watching YT videos and typing ) then start applying.

There are plenty of jobs even in this difficult market condition; for freshers provided they have right skills and able to solve problems.

Its not impossible, If you do not have work experience then the next best thing would be to look if theres any internships you could possibly do. If not then like what was said above start building projects and make a portfolio to show when you start applying for jobs.

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