Job for non US Resident

Is there any chance a non us resident that attended FCC Full Stack Curriculum get a job in us ?

Probably! I’m surprised that no one has answered your question? Do you know the answer yet?


No i don’t this why I’m asking

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Do you also have an advanced degree like a Masters? If not, I imagine getting a visa with just FCC’s certification would be highly unlikely.

I have a CS Bachelor

It’s currently impossible:

My O-visa that isn’t in the suspension list due to expire in October and my immigration lawyer says that on practice immigration service will not even accept application at this moment.

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covid-19 is really ruinning lives out there

It’s hard to do. Possible? Yes. Easy? No. If you already have a visa that lets you work in the US, it’s hard enough. But if you don’t, then without an advanced degree or a ton of experience, it’s going to be very hard. It takes a lot of work for a company (even in non-covid times) to sponsor someone for a visa and most won’t even consider it for what would basically be a trainee. Even remote jobs are very hard to get if you don’t have experience. A better path would be to get some work where you are and build up some experience (even freelance) and then start thinking about the US. That may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.

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yes that’s pretty hard to hear but if you say that it’s possible so i’ll work as hard as i can to make this happen

It is possible. But you should have some realistic expectations. But if you get some experience and a proven track record, then things get a little easier. Without that, it’s getting close to impossible. It’s hard enough for people legal to work here to get that first job. (Why would they go to the trouble of getting an inexperienced person a visa when they could just get 1000 others here?) But with some real experience, things start to get easier - it’s still not easy, but it gets more likely that something could work out.


thanks for your advice Kevin be blessed