Job forum dedicated to campers?

There have been all kind of forum and groups for free code camp. But I couldn’t find one where you can post your jobs specifically, like where,

  • people would come and post job information knowing that these people are freecodecampers.
  • campers could submit their portfolio even if it has only 1-2 certificates.
  • Non profits can see that the camper already did good job getting some job.

Etc. I am pretty sure same idea popped up in many head but somehow I don’t see any discussion about it anywhere.

I am not sure if this thread has any value at all but I am prepared for any constructive discussion. Wanted to mail our dear Quincy Larson about it, but thought to check what the community says.

If the idea is denied, at least this thread can be used as a resource for future. Let’s see how everything goes.

Take a look at the FCC’s Code of Conduct and you will see this is not something allowed on this forum.

Free Code Camp is a about learning how to code and is not a job board.

There are hundreds if not thousands of job boards and the biggest portfolio advertiser is LinkedIn. You can post links to your certificate from your LinkedIn profile.

You can make posts in the Getting a Develop Job category asking questions about how to get a job or make a post about a job you received, but you can not advertise a job.


I understand the desire for a job board, but I’m not sure it’s feasible.

I believe we used to have something like this, but it was retired.

Please see this discussion where Quincy answers about the job board being retired: What happened to the fcc job board?

For now, your best bet is LinkedIn.

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That’s very true. Well, Now that I see the code of conduct and old thread about jobs, I can see your reason.

As for my part, I’ll be quoting from Quincy,

We may re-launch this in the future as our community grows. We will continue to experiment with ways to help campers get jobs. Currently, hundreds of campers are getting a job each month without our direct involvement.

My intention is not to break the rules that way. The reason I asked to be clear about it is because over the time almost 20-30 peoples asked me about job related question and I was unsure about the answer. So I think asking about it was only the right thing I could do.

Since there are non profits, but only people who finishes all certificate are able to continue, the need for a job board or a job related fcc group on facebook might not be a bad decision. From time to time I do see people posting jobs on various FCC group and people do apply there and many times get job.

Posting jobs is not allowed on forum but I feel having a job related group somewhere might open doors to many with correct rules applied.