Job hunting / resume questions

I live in remote area northwest Florida, where the nearest programming / web development / fullstack / software developer jobs are over 4.5 hours away. There are no meet ups here or anywhere within driving distance of here. How much harder is it to get hired long distance for a job that I will relocate to as opposed to one locally?

My passion is music but programming is the highest paid skill that I have and I’m willing to do any kind of coding work java / javascript / C++/ HTML / CSS/ Mysql / react / web work front end back end databases ECT. What language/ skill/ framework has the highest chances of landing me a job?

Is my 1/3 of Electrical Engineering worth putting on my resume when applying for developer jobs? To show that I took relevant courses like Digital Logic, Calculus 1-3, Computer Architecture and Design, 86x80 Assembly Programming, Intro To Programming (c++)? I quit college because I couln’t afford to go back is that an acceptable reason to employers?