Job interview...asked to come in tmrw, how do i swing that with my work?

Should I call in sick? Ask the interviewer if early next week is possible? But at the same time what if they fill the position before that? Normally employers give a little bit more notice before an interview, not a day

If you’re ready for the interview, then a doctor’s appointment or illness. Second option possibly better but if they agree (and people are normally quite amenable) then are you going to be stressing about the third point? If so, avoid stress, call in sick. If you want the job, if it is something important to you, take every chance you can to get it. If people’s lives depend on you not calling in sick then probably think twice, otherwise be selfish, it affects your life

I sense trouble. Why are they in a rush. If you end up going, ask lots of questions.

Just tell your boss something came up and you gotta step out for a while. Leave your good interview clothes in your and change at a McDonalds bathroom. If your boss asks why, just say it’s personal and you’d rather not talk about it.