Job Offer in Australia

Is it really worth it mates 4 years of code just to get an offer in another part of the world?
I’m not that comfy traveling and living a new place, it all started for me on code camp.
I hope I get more offers but would you relocate to another continent to get hired?
And how to react.
I’m happy cuz they think I am that good but the same time I am sad if I have to leave everything behind my cozy desk and predictable life.
Anyone else relocated for a job and know how it works?

brov, people would give for this opportunity. travel to a new place is a mind expanding experience. do something uncomfortable once in a while. whats the worst that could happen.

ps try not to catch on fire

Whether or not you’re willing to relocate is your own call. I’ve relocated several times for school, work, or my partner’s career (and probably will again in a couple years).

We do have some awesome Aussies in our community, and it’s a pretty cool country if you can get past the spider thing.

First thing you should do is to do your due diligence on the opportunity. Ask anything and everything like the timeline they expect, what is the project they hired you for and what is the status of the project, what is the VISA sponsorship situation, what sort of potential red tapes you could encounter, what it means for your spouse/partner/children…etc.

You want to make an informed decision and right now, you know far more about the life you’re comfortable living than the life you could have taking this job offer, so you need to do your best to make up the difference in order to make a less biased decision.

While I have moved around for jobs and I have immigrated, I have not immigrated for a job, so I don’t have a perfectly parallel for you. I can tell you that moving to a new country may seem daunting, but people are very adaptable animals and you instinctively will just try to establish a baseline and get back to living life as normally as possible.

If you don’t want to relocate, that’s completely fine, but don’t make that decision based on fear of a foreign settings and leaving the comfort of familiarity.

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