Job Ready Portfolio?

Hey guys,

I’ve been job hunting for a few months now to no avail. I live in Houston so the market is very dry for devs, especially React devs from what I’ve found. However, I’ve gotten a lot of rejections from companies/startups outside of Houston.

So I was hoping to get opinions on my portfolio because I’m thinking theres something I’m missing or doing wrong or, of course, I just need to get better. But I have tons of projects and I feel like I’ve met criteria to be applying for, at least, a Jr. Dev job. Anyways anything helps!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Are you sure a potential client that has no knowledge about web dev will understand what: “a front end, full-stack & blockchain developer” means?

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Your resume has two pages and is more “fluff” than actual content. Get your resume down to one page and you might get more responses. Also, take that photo off your resume, because it does not convey a working professional image in my opinion. Anything you put on your resume should scream “I am a professional ready and willing to do great work for your company!” If you want a photo of yourself somewhere, put it on LinkedIn, but have a professional photographer take your photo with you wearing something other the casual clothes (Is that a bandanna on your head?) . You show only 1 year of college and a nano degree from So did you complete the degree from Udacity or just take some of the courses? I personally would not show 1 year of college on your resume, as it reads as if you are not able to complete something you start.

On each of your jobs, you have mainly just key words and titles (what I call “fluff”. Your work experience details lack metrics. You need to provide more quantitative descriptions of what you accomplished at those jobs.

For example, the Manager position you held where you were promoted after two months. You must have done something to get the promotion. Explain why you were promoted. How did you standout over the other employees? You mentioned Anuual /Weekly/Daily Sales goals. If you exceeded your goals on a regular basis (think performance reviews), document what percentage increase in sales you had year over year.

For the two internships, describe what made you stand out over the other interns? Your resume should explain why you were special, which gives a hiring manager/recruiter an intensive to contact you about what you can do for them.

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Check this out:

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I’m not really in a position to say how much this matters, but i would personally love to see at least one project on github with a commit history detailing the work. Also you don’t seem to have pushed anything using git, all the files are uploaded via file upload. Showing you can use git and github for more then just storage might be useful.

Side note, does your font size really have to be so small.