Jobs Available at my company!

I know many of us come from different backgrounds and even different levels of experience within development. The fact that everyone in here is showing such initiative and developing tech skills is valuable. There are some of you that may be interested in not development jobs directly but working in a tech company as say a project manager or account manager. We currently have openings for FEDs, one in Raleigh, NC and one in Chicago, Illinois. We are also looking for a senior java developer in Raleigh, NC. We are also hiring for a PM in Raleigh, and Account Manager in Raleigh, and multiple senior/director level Business Development positions in various locations across the US, think major tech/business hot spots like Raleigh, Chicago, NYC, LA, San Fran and DC. A lot of what we do is work in the Adobe CMS platform called AEM formerly CQ so if you have experience in that particular platform you get super bonus stars, but even if you know people please send them to me. WE are NOT a contracting firm. Our people are employees with full benefits paid by our company. We have a small start-up feel and growing rapidly so opportunities are boundless in the future. If you want to know more please reach out to me. Reply to the post with contact info so we can touch base. I am going to be honest that I would get referral bonus at work for getting you hired so I definitely have an incentive to get you HIRED. :slight_smile:


I’m located in the Raleigh area and am interested in learning more. Do you have any additional information or links to the job postings?

Hi, can internationals apply?

Are you in US now? Wanting to relocate or work remote?

I’m willing to work remotely.

Not in the US, wouldn’t mind working remotely.

Does your company have a website ?


I’m in Chicago, Il, and would greatly appreciate a referral. My portfolio is located at


Send me a resume!

Sent if off. Thank you!

Not relevant to me right now (I don’t have the skills you’re looking for), but I wish you lots of luck.

I am not seeing it yet.

My computer is having an issue attaching files. I sent you two attachment less emails this morning around 11. Very frustrating especially because of how incompetent it could make me seem. I have sent you an invite to my google drive.

Thank you.

Any opportunities for high school programmers in Eastern Iowa / Chicago area?

Hey Isaac, I live in the same general area as you and I know I’m not the “end all be all” for knowledge but I think what I have learned could be useful.

1.For this area we really don’t have a lot of really techie companies or companies that are tech intensive(at least for where I live) besides factory maintenance and things of that nature. You could find a job for web development company here but the odds are kind of against you for this region, and that is very upsetting for me also.

2.If, however, you had the proper skills the freelancing industry would be your go-to for where we are. Alot of businesses that want a website go through sites like craigslist so they can not spend top dollar for a professional company to put their team on it. That however can have its downsides just as one can expect. Personally I’ve recognized that for my skill set and end goals for coding that is not the path I want to pursue.

Those are just a few things I have learned while spending my time looking for a career around me, hope this is helpful for you. Cheers

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