Joe Himes Portfolio Project

Hello all! I have been plugging away on my own for a long time and figured it was time to get some actual feedback on some of my projects. Here is my portfolio.

Hi @deedle42, Congratulations. Nice design. I have a couple of suggestions.

  • Try implementing a hamburger menu for small screen screen sizes instead of listing menu items at the top
  • Part of the text on the front page is hard to read on small screen sizes because of the image. Especially when text is over the mouse in the picture.
  • Font type (Trivial). It seems you are using the default font type New Times Roman(It looks funny to me :grinning:). Never mind if it is okay with you!

Hi Joe nice work I went through everything and it seems bit to plain yes. I would like to see you add more effects like moving fonts and making it look cool. I am still new to this but it was not like a wow factor. Yes you are a single coder but get inspiration from good websites out there that has already been around like look at I tunes and those and see how to add slides to your top 100 music or how to make a survey websites. Always give them a wow factor so that they can say Joe is the perfect person for this job. but it is good work i would just say don’t let them have other options besides you.

Congratulations, @deedle42.

My suggestions (considering @nibble suggestions too) :

  • You are using too much spaces on your nav items. If you can reduce.
  • All your sections should have the same pacing size: compare About me with My work
  • I’d suggest you to use images (logos) for your skills in stead of raw text
  • You work items should have the same size
  • Try to add some UX (change color on :hover for example)