Joe's Portfolio Page

Hi guys,

I’ve just completed the first draft of my portfolio page - I was wondering if people might be able to take a look and give me some feedback?

Here’s the link.

Thanks in advance!


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ever heard of that disease called plague?

that color gray is like plague of websites.
If you dont find light shade of it, it looks so bad.
I suggest:

Some of the lines of text are a bit long to read comfortably. Maybe try adding a bit more padding. Also, as a general design principle, its a good idea to line up the edges of your content so you have a consistent margin.

Apart from that, good work!

Haha, the plague of websites! You know I did find it a bit much - but you should have seen what it looked like before!

Thanks for your feedback and the site suggestion, it’s really appreciated!

Thanks! It’s definitely a bit…flat…at the moment, but at the moment I’m just glad to have a page up and running. Content-wise it’s more like one of those old personal websites people used to have (holiday photos etc.) than anything attractive right now.

So the design aspect, are you talking about all the left-aligned content (text, form etc.)? I just had another look down the page and see completely what you mean - my eye was darting all over the place!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: It’s a WIP so I plan to come back to it as I get better and to improve it. Honestly, at the moment I’m just trying to get to grips with the different languages and using them correctly - or at least well enough so that stuff kind of works! It really is like learning a foreign language!