Joke Machine - Feedback Please?

I've just finished my Quote Machine,
which I decided to turn into a Joke Machine, or
"The Joke Pad":

Please take a look here.

Many Thanks!

Great point, and that should be easy enough to implement. I really appreciate your keen insights, and I’ll go to work on that improvement after lunch today.

Happy Coding, and have a great weekend, sir.

I like the collapse on ''About".
I like that you have a working facebook share button.
I like it A LOT overall.
My only suggestion would be to change the text in the twitter window to “tweet” the quote/joke (and perhaps the link too if you care about it so much)

Yes, that is a valid suggestion, and I’ll work on the change. Appreciate you taking the time to give me your insights.

FreeCodeCamp is one heck of a great community!