Joke Machine - Feedback Please?

I've just finished my Quote Machine,
which I decided to turn into a Joke Machine, or
"The Joke Pad":

Please take a look here.

Many Thanks!

I like the idea. It might be nice when the Play or Pause button is clicked, to leave them highlighted to be clear to the user which button has been clicked. Because the time between jokes is 10 seconds, if you think you clicked Pause (maybe to re-read a joke), you have to wait 10 seconds before you know for sure. If you were mistaken about clicking the Pause button, then the quote you wanted to pause is gone.

Also, let’s say after clicking Play, a joke has only been on the screen for 2 seconds. If I hit Pause and left it paused for 3 minutes and then hit Play again, should a new Joke appear (as it does now), or should the joke that was paused for only 2 seconds still remain on screen for 8 seconds more? Just something to think about.

Great point, and that should be easy enough to implement. I really appreciate your keen insights, and I’ll go to work on that improvement after lunch today.

Happy Coding, and have a great weekend, sir.

I like the collapse on ''About".
I like that you have a working facebook share button.
I like it A LOT overall.
My only suggestion would be to change the text in the twitter window to “tweet” the quote/joke (and perhaps the link too if you care about it so much)

Yes, that is a valid suggestion, and I’ll work on the change. Appreciate you taking the time to give me your insights.

FreeCodeCamp is one heck of a great community!