Jon Snow Tribute page

Here’s my first project. A simple Jon Snow tribute page. I have no prior coding experience so please let me know what I can fix. I know there will be issues. Thanks in advance

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Clean and simple, nice use of a gif :slight_smile: How about trying changing the colours of the text to style the page a little? :wink:

Thanks, I will play around with that and see what I can come up with. On a side note, when using bootstrap can you not use css? Having trouble with my Portfolio Page.

You can use your own CSS even whilst using Bootstrap, what are you having trouble with? :slight_smile:

Well I’m starting my portfolio, I’m playing around with different fonts and colors. I put my bootstrap at the top of my html and I then try to style with in my and nothing happens. My characters just stay white like they’re in a

does that make sense?

If you want to style bootstrap elements you need to override bootstrap style:

Simple, clean and an epic tribute.

Just wondering was the challenge not set to use bootstrap and keep it in html not to use css?

Site looks good but i may have just missunderstood