Journal section

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I see what you’re getting at, though a lot of the topics you mention are already covered in other areas. Help is in the ‘Help’ forum, critiques in ‘Project Feedback’, and moral support in ‘You Can Do This’. The format you’re proposing sounds somewhat blog-like, and for really detailed articles there is Medium (likely changing to something else). I suspect you’re looking for something a little more open than Medium however, sort of a “blog lite”.

I don’t want to shoot down the idea, but I have my doubts that the forum would provide a good platform for this. Without an extremely clear topic, it would devolve into general discussion with individual topics acquiring a low signal/noise ratio. At the very least, the journals that people wanted to keep focused would be quickly buried under new posts and replies – that’s just the nature of a forum.

Perhaps this could be kept in mind if and when FCC ditches Medium (it can’t come too soon thanks to their indiscriminate paywall shenanigans) and adopts a new blog platform. Something a little less “cathedral” like than Medium could help foster development journals that are under more control of the authors than the average forum post.