jQuery and API (Quote Machine)

I have almost completed my quote machine and I have a couple of questions.

I tried to mimic the getJSON method used in the “Get JSON with the jQuery getJSON Method” with the following links as apis: API1, API2. Both api links work when posted in the browser just like the FCC cat api, however, when I put those links in the getJSON method, they didn’t work. I would like to know why?

When using the Read-Search-Ask method, I found other FCC users who tried this approach. The method I ended up using was the Ajax function found in one of the posts. I read a about the $.ajax() and jsonp on the jquery site. I would like to know if there are any well explained pdfs or documentation that I can read on javascript/jquery apis.

Also how do I approach working with an api when the api documentation, particularly one that looks like this: forismatic. See the documentation doest tell you that you should add the “POST:” from the query example to the end of the url. Is there something I’m supposed to know before going on there ? I also don’t like that I don’t completely understand how the ajax method works.

My project.