Jquery error: scripts.js:9 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'var'

my consol show me this error, there is the line about the error

u = !!window.jQuery, var = a(window), w = function (a, c) {
            b.ev.on(o + a + p, c)

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There are in fact syntax errors in this code. The code looks kind of fishy – where did you get it from?

To answer your question: You appear to be declaring a variable with no name equal to a function called a returning something done on window.

var = a(window)

var is a keyword, and is used to declare a variable.

Hope this helps

Ah, I read the code snippet wrong and thought it was separating statements with commas. Just a badly named variable. Can’t see how a minifier would output anything like this though, so I’m still very suspicious about that function.