jQuery Plugins and CodePen

Could someone walk me through how they’d go about getting a plugin link http://www.mattboldt.com/demos/typed-js/ working on codepen please?

In the JS Settings on CodePen, add the jQuery library, then in the next box, you can add this:

After you have those in place, you can follow the directions on the page you linked in your post to play around with it. Start at the section after the links to jquery and typed.js.


Thank you very much. I thought it was an issue like that but wasn’t sure what the link would be.

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If you need a library for Codepen or one for a site that you’re developing that you don’t have to host locally with your site, do a search for {name of library} cdn and most of the time you’ll find a list of sites that host it (both js and css libraries). The fewer things you have to pull from your site, the more efficient it will be, in most cases.