jQuery track test issues

I’m having a problem in jQuery track where the answer is right, but it’s not accepted. If I clean cookies, clean history and reopen browser, it does. One user thought it might be Dark Mode extension, for which I tested and it’s not.

Also, sometimes missing the trailing semicolon makes the test fail.

could you please post the challenge link and your code?
I tried looking at your posts to see what you are talking about but this is the first you ever posted.

I think every challenge in the jQuery and Sass track has this problem. I tried changing to Chrome with no luck. If I get it right on the first try, it seems to keep flowing. It looks like cookies bug.

We would really like to help you but, to do so we need to recreat the problem.
Can you provide us with the code/files?

Just pick up a random jQuery challenge and the answer in the Get Help -> Get a Hint. I already told, the code is right, but the tests won’t pass. I tried several things but one that appeared to work was removing Dark Reader and uBlock Origin extensions.

Dark reader or other extensions that modify the appearance of your browser interfere with the test suite.

I did all challenges so far (HTML, CSS, JS) with these extensions on, just now I had problems.

There are some issues with the jQuery challenges where you have to submit the test multiple times before it works.

I haven’t really looked at the issue, but I know people have reported it and I have seen it myself. Just not sure what the problem is.

I had a similar issue. Reproducable in both Firefox and Chrome (I did have Dark Reader installed in Firefox but not Chrome. Disabling Dark Reader had no effect. No problems in Edge though.)

The solution is to add/remove white space on the line that should be working but is not. It’s bizarre. I don’t know why it works that way, but it does. Changing the intending on the line allows the test to pass.

I’ll do some testing to see if there’s an offending plugin that is consistent across my browser installs (it might be LastPass).

I upload a video of the behavior and how I recreated it in two different browsers: Firefox with plugins, and Chrome without any plugins. I encountered this problem on most of the jQuery lessons, but I was able to complete the lessons using the fix demonstrated in the video.

I don’t think it’s LastPass because I had the same problem in a clean Chrome browser. Host OS is Windows.

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