Jquery Useful resources

I need helpful resources to learn Jquery, i have completed the basics and done few very small projects.
so i need bigger projects to work with to increase my JS Jquery skills.
I have been looking around the web but all the projects are very basic, and even tutorials are for the basics.

sounds like you are passed the stage of following tutorials and code-along videos.

Try build a chatroom, netflix/youtube clone, game, or something else that interests you or could be helpful to yourself or others

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I have a work for you.

Make a calendar where user will be able to:-

  • select or see any year, month, day

  • when he or she click on any day then a input box will appear, where they will able to write note and save

  • when successfully saved, the selected day (on which note was made) will be highlighted with any color, so if user browse over calendar they would be able to figure out that some notes already was saved.

  • there will be separate panel or option visiting on which user will be able to see whole note with respective date

  • user will be also able to edit, delete any note

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Thank you, i was looking for suggestions like this.

Thank you so much for the detailed idea.

most welcome… if you need some more tips msg me anytime…
make sure that you don’t use any plugin for making calender…
I have also made same thing via javascript

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